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Play the game that everyone will soon be talking about. Bunch Gaming Inc. is a mobile gaming app developer that creates mobile games for Android in Denton, TX, and Mars Space is the name of our latest game. This excellent game is free, with no hidden microtransactions. Additionally, an iOS version is coming soon. We know you'll love playing Mars Space as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Look for more awesome games by Bunch Gaming Inc. Our developer and CEO, Tyler, has more than six years of game creation experience, and he's always looking to bring a little more joy into the world by making simple and entertaining games. Contact us today for information about our games and how you can start enjoying them right now.

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A Fun, High-Tech Pastime

If you're like many people, you want something fun to do while you're waiting to see the doctor, having your car serviced, or taking a break from work. Our mobile game is the ideal digital entertainment choice if your cell phone uses Android apps. Once you download it, prepare to have a lot of fun playing our Mars Space game. 

The game offers you the opportunity to test your strategic skills in combat against an enemy on the Martian surface. Our game’s vivid graphics make you feel like you have taken a space trip and landed on the Red Planet. You can play alone or try your skills against a friend. We provide you with points, and you can add to them depending on how well you play the game. Although Mars Space is a game of strategy, you'll probably have more fun playing it than trying to rack up many points to win. 

As a smartphone owner, you know that there are countless numbers of mobile apps available in Android and iOS versions. We think you will find our company's game app to be one of the most entertaining you have ever used.